P&G Beauty and UB BRANDS®, a popular textured hair care brand rooted in natural ingredients, announced that it will join P&G Beauty, pending regulatory approval, further expanding access to healthy hair products and services for Black women around the world.

UB BRANDS has become a leading brand for consumers with textured hair through innovative, technology- driven products, natural ingredients, and inspirational and educational content. UB BRANDS will continue to be led by co-founders Monique and Melvin Rodriguez, as CEO and COO, respectively, and will operate as an independent subsidiary of P&G Beauty.


  • 1. What does “join P&G Beauty” mean?
    UB BRANDS will join the P&G Beauty family, pending regulatory approval. We will operate as an independent subsidiary of P&G.

    The operation of UB BRANDS will fundamentally be business as usual. Monique will remain the CEO and Melvin, the COO.

  • 2. Why did UB BRAND decide to do this? Why now?
    The UB BRAND was built on a mission to serve Black women with a high-performance product and natural ingredients. Our entire purpose has been to address needs of states with effective and innovative solutions and to build a genuine and supportive community around the natural hair movement.

    The response and success of the brand have been beyond our wildest dreams, and we want to ensure that we can continue to meet the consumer demand and to offer her best-in-class innovation. This new partnership will accelerate resourcing and reach to ensure that we never let her down in being able to find and access her products. It will also amplify our ability to invest in our community initiatives, including our UB BRANDS Cares charity aimed at providing resources and support to advance education and economic opportunities in Black and Brown communities.  

  • 3. Why P&G Beauty?
    From the moment we stepped into P&G, we saw a diverse team of leaders who share our values and vision for innovation, education, and community empowerment, including several Black leaders who play a key role in hair care and the Beauty business. This partnership gives UB BRAND an opportunity to serve more Black women with the great products and formulas that our community loves, in addition to making an even greater impact in how we give back to the community.

  • 4. How will this change the operation of the company?
    It will fundamentally be business as usual. Monique will remain the CEO and Melvin the COO, and they will be surrounded by the incredibly talented UB BRAND team. We will operate as an independent subsidiary, so we will have the autonomy to run the business as we have, but now with a family of expertise and support where and when we need it.

  • 5. What is the consumer benefit? Why is this good for us?

    This new partnership allows us to achieve two primary goals.

    First, service to our customers has always been the guiding principle of our brand. We firmly believe this partnership will provide immediate resources to help us to make sure our consumers have access to our products in more stores and that we can continue to rapidly innovate. Ultimately, we believe this will mean that the customer can find our full assortment more easily and that we will be able to bring new and unique solutions to Black women more quickly.

    Second is our foundational commitment to purpose and community. This new partnership will amp up our reinvestment in the community through UB BRANDS Cares, as both UB BRANDS and P&G have announced we will each be donating $10 million to the charity. This means more resources and ability going to UB BRAND Cares, which increases the resources and support to advance education and economic opportunities in Black and Brown communities.

  • 6. Will the product change?
    We are deeply committed to the integrity of the UB BRANDS product and can promise that you can rely on the same highly effective products tomorrow that you use today. We have no plans to change the product.

  • 7. What is your vision for the brand now?
    Our vision remains what it has always been – to be the trusted hair care expert for Black women. The friend you can count on for education, advice and highly effective product solutions. This new relationship will bring greater bandwidth. It will allow us to continue to scale quickly with Black women without any missteps that would impact the trust and relationship we’ve built so authentically with
    our customers. And with Melvin and I at the helm, we know we will continue to build this brand with the passion, integrity and the amazing products we are known for.

  • 8. What does this mean for UB BRANDS employees?
    As Monique and Melvin continue to run the business as they have thus far, and as an independent subsidiary of P&G, the UB BRANDS team will operate as they have and continue to focus on the excellence, customer commitment and integrity that have been the core of our brand since day one nearly nine years ago.

  • 9. What are the specifics of the charity work this will support/accelerate?
    The intent of the UB BRANDS Cares charity is to offer resources and support to advance education and economic opportunities in Black and Brown communities. Our greatest hope is to believe in and build up others, in the way that we have been blessed with incredible mentors and advocates. We are thrilled that this partnership will mean $20 million in funding toward that end! Our greatest wish has been to give back to the community who has been so instrumental in the success of UB BRAND.