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Odeon® Professional Ultra-Lifting Powder Lightener – lightens up to 9 levels. The gentle formula contains Guar Gum, Zea Mays and Maltose to condition and protect the hair & scalp whilst lifting, making it perfect for all on & off-scalp techniques. Mix with Odeon® Créme Developer for incredible lifting power, maximum control & superior condition.

Mix 1 SCOOP of Ultra-Lifting Powder Lightener
with 2 SCOOPS of your chosen Odeon° Crème Developer.
You may alter the consistency by varying the mix according to your chosen
technique i.e. full head, foil or cap highlights, etc.

NOTE For on-scalp use, we recommend that only 3%(10 vol) or 6%(20 vol) is used.
DO NOT wash the hair before lightening.
FULL HEAD application – apply to the mid-lengths & ends first, then to the roots.
RE-GROWTH application – apply to the roots only.
HIGHLIGHTING – Use desired method i.e. foil, meches, highlighting cap, etc. & apply
liberally to the hair.

For on-scalp application – DO NOT COVER. DO NOT USE HEAT.

Ultra-Lifting Powder Lightener is active for up to 60 minutes.
For very dark hair, processing may take up to 50 minutes.
Light bases may require only a short processing time.

CHECK DEVELOPMENT FREQUENTLY – when the required lift is achieved,
rinse thoroughly & gently shampoo the hair.

NOTE Resistant hair will need a longer development time than porous hair.

WARNING FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. DO NOT apply to the scalp if there
are any abrasions or signs of irritation. DO NOT mix the product in a confined
space and avoid inhaling the powder. If the product gets into the eyes wash
immediately with cold water, consult medical attention if irritation persists.
Always wear protective gloves.

Keep out of children’s reach. Can cause eye
irritation, consult medical attention if irritation persists. Contains Persulfates.

Store in a cool dray place

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4 reviews for Odeon® Professional Ultra-Lifting Powder Lightener 4oz

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    The product is firmly packed.

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    Good quality.

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    Good service.

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    Very fast delivery.

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