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Uptown Beauty, Inc/ UB Brands inc is a global company whose focuses on core beauty, and cosmetic. Part of the JN CORPORATE Family of Product Brands
UB BRANDS, INC./ JN Corporate/Azaan Nutrition/Magzter/Jamila/Faire: JN Partner Brands Jn corporate/UB Brands, manufacturer of J.amila®, j.amila Natural®, J.amila pure®, Dip N Grip™ ‚Odeon®, Beardgame®, Edgeboss ™ Heina™, Wildroots™, Stylo™, and Odeon professional® Brands. UB Brands, inc is America's Fast growing woman of color hair care Products selling for all variety products, Over 400 active products enthusiasts will love!
Main headquarter located in Atlanta, Georgia with 9 other distributors and offices across the United States, proudly made in USA.
We strive for 100% all natural ingredients in all of our products to serve our purpose, which is to develop and provide to our customers, top quality products that will improve their lifestyles.Our promise is to provide 100% satisfaction to all.


WILDROOTS consists of Hair Growth products that uses 100% all natural ingredients. WILDROOTS offer variety of key Hair Growth specifically for hair loss and additional growth. With our Shampoo and Conditioner, it provides the nutrients that produces healthy and strong hair.


BEARDGAME is the #1 Organic and Natural Oil. With BEARDGAME, we believe in “Living Like A King” literally. From our oil, balm, and care kits, you will feel the difference in your beard. With 100% Organic and Natural Oil, your beard will definitely grow faster and healthier.


EDGEBOSS is the only natural ingredients for healthy hair of all textures. With EDGEBOSS, you will instantly see the difference in hair texture, curls, edge control, and overall styles. Fresh scent with no build up while maintaining amazing shine and look.


ODEON is an exclusive beauty line that extends to cosmetics, skin and hair. ODEON provides all natural ingredients in each product. From our hair oils to razor bump and makeup we ensure the best quality of products.


J.AMILA has Pure Honey Natural products extract combined with Argan Oil, Mango, Shea Butter, Acai Berry, Keratin and Coconut Oil. With thesekey ingredients, the Hair Growth System. J.AMILA provides natural hair growth products in addition to Braiding, Locking, Half ‘N Half Gel.


BOSSBOND Lace glue is specially designed for high temperature humanity heavy perspiration on oily scalp to provide strong bond hold. It is waterproof and oil-resistance to help ensure realistic natural look.

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“We listen closely to the concerns of our customers and are inspired to innovate new products to fit every lifestyle and need,” said CEO, Uptown Beauty Inc founder and managing director. “We now offer the widest range of hair growth system and hair care with the highest quality ingredients available and bring them to market at the fairest prices possible.”

About Uptown Beauty Inc (UB BRANDS) Based in Atlanta, Uptown Beauty Inc is the global leader in manufacturing all kinds of Hair Care/Skin Care products. The Hair Growth System is proven to treat hair loss and stimulate hair growth. UB Brands products have been the subject of 7 clinical studies proving both efficacy and safety with an over 90% success rate. Sold in over 170 countries, UB BRANDS has helped enriched the lives of over 1.5+ million men, women and children with Natural Hair,Skin Care, Growth Products and much more.

How To Grow A Thick Beard

Start off by using BEARDGAME Natural Oil and Balm to keep your beard moist and healthy. Growing a thicker does require a little luck and patience. There are various factors involved such as genetics, lifestyle, and grooming techniques.

  • BEARDGAME Care Kit
  • BEARDGAME Natural Oil
  • Less Stress
  • More Sleep
  • Eat Healthy
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Drink Water
  • Let Beard Grow Out During Growth Phase
  • Clean Beard Everyday
  • Massage Beard Regularly


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